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Eurolux full glass lid Ø 16 - 32 cm, including lid Knob, Made in Germany

Eurolux full glass lid Ø 16 - 32 cm, including lid Knob, Made in Germany


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  • Eurolux full glass lid round
  • including lid button
  • 16 - 32 cm diameter
  • Heat-resistant up to 240 °C

    item number EU018-DK-EU
    EAN Code 4260497844297
    Product type Lid
    Width outside (mm) 18
    Depth outside (mm) 18
    Diameter (mm) 18


    Precision and quality “MADE IN GERMANY” in light metal casting for over 50 years

    High quality cast aluminum products for the household

    LMW Leichtmetallguss GmbH has been producing aluminum casting products in all common alloys since 1963. As a family-run, traditional company in the Sauerland, they are one of the leading manufacturers of cast aluminum products for large kitchens and households with their pans, pots, roasters and woks. The love of food and the demand for reliability of the EUROLUX product series are the motivation to constantly design new and innovative products for modern and classic cuisine. Tested quality and the use of future-oriented technologies guarantee the highest functionality and safety when preparing food. All products from the EUROLUX series are made from a high-quality aluminum alloy that comes from German smelters, using the tried-and-tested mold hand casting "MADE IN GERMANY" and produced by hand piece by piece. For us, “MADE IN GERMANY” is a commitment to Germany as a location.

    The extensive EUROLUX range meets all requirements - always in good shape.

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