Cooking, frying, baking, ...? Your choice!

Our pan factory has been around for over 30 years. But that doesn't mean we're old-fashioned. 

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Extremely Easy to Clean

  • 4-stage micro-ceramic surface and PFOA free
  • Food and Safety quality tested by TUEV Rhineland & LGA
  • Easy cleaning and versatile use

Induction Compatible

  • Suitable for ALL cooktops, including induction
  • Convenient detachable handle
  • Available with premium pyrex glass lid. High-domed and oven-safe
  • Lid knobs oven-safe up to 250 C
  • Solid hand-cast base for even heating
  • 25 year non-warping base warranty

German Quality

Its combination of fine attributes makes Eurolux cookware unbeatable in quality, and a pleasure to use for all types of cooking. Featuring a new TUEV/LGA approved four-stage titanium/micro-ceramic surface. Eurolux is oven safe, food safe, non-warping and energy efficient.  Eurolux cookware is extremely versatile, durable, useful and above all, enjoyable to use.

Our product range

Our product range has expanded over the decades. Our focus continues to be on sustainably produced, high-quality cookware for both the discerning amateur cook and the professional.

But we have grown. For example, we first added baking plates and then grill plates to our range.

EUROLUX also has series such as the series “ Alex Wahi by Eurolux ”.

The cookware of TV chef and restaurant and cooking school owner Alex was specially designed for his needs. In particular, Alex wanted very robust cookware. That's what we developed for him.

All our products have a few things in common that we would like to introduce to you here:

  • Low-fat and healthy

    Due to the good conductivity of the aluminum and the great coating, you hardly need any fat when frying

  • No burning

     The coatings make it almost impossible to burn your food. And washing up is child's play.Promised!

  • Cost-conscious

    We are not cheap, but we are cost-conscious. Our pans and pots do not warp. Cookware for life!

  • Sustainable

    Aluminium is recycled over and over again. Approximately 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use.

  • Energy saving

    Aluminum conducts better than steel or copper! That's why you save energy when cooking and frying with our dishes!

  • Environmentally friendly

    We are against throwing things away! That's why we have our recoating service for our LuxTec coating.

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  • The Company

    EUROLUX®is a brand of LMW Leichtmetallguss GmbH (LMW for short).

    LMW is a family-run company in the Sauerland region. Strictly speaking, there were a few predecessor companies before LMW (since 1963), but as LMW we have specialized in cast aluminum products since 1986 and produce exclusively in Germany.

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  • The production

    All products from the EUROLUX series are made from a high-quality aluminum alloy that comes from German foundries, using the proven "MADE IN GERMANY" hand-casting method and are produced by hand, piece by piece.

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  • Sustainability

    The term sustainability is on everyone's lips. But it is much more important that it is put into practice. Everyone should do as much as they can to protect our environment. And as a customer, you naturally have a right to know how sustainably we work. That's why we would like to give you a little insight here.

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